Maureen Care Home

The Maureen Care Home is located in the outcasted Mohatma Gandhi leper colony, in Latur, India.​

Due to generous sponsors, we were able to provide the much needed MDT Treatment, as well as specially fitted shoes to all 42 people affected by leprosy. The medicine was provided regularly over a six month period in which a doctor visited the colony every Sunday from 4 to7 pm to treat the patients. $9 USD a month covered the supply of MDT medication for one of the scores of persons afflicted with Leprosy, a terrible disease, relatively, unknown to Americans. MDT Treatment remains highly effective, and patients are no longer infectious after the first monthly dose. However, left untreated, leprosy can be progressive, causing permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs and eyes. Although the damaging results can’t be reversed, a full consistent treatment will cure them from this horrific disease. They will no longer be infected with leprosy and given a fair chance at life again. The lack of awareness about this disease leads people to believe (falsely) that the disease is highly contagious and incurable. Less than ten percent of the world’s population is actually capable of acquiring the disease. We also arranged medical treatment for general sickness, as well as provided them with the medicine needed. A doctor visited the leper colony every Wednesday morning.
We also helped in providing general health-care to 279 men, women, and children.

Sewing Machine

We offered a one year free course of sewing training to the women in the Mohatma Gandhi leper colony located in Latur, India.  Upon completion, the students were given the sewing machine. With this learned trade, the women were able to work in their homes providing a financial means to support their family. The cost of purchasing one machine was $78USD (3,500 Rupees)
Adult Literacy Classes: Consisting of 45 illiterates(32 women and 13 Men). Night school was held regularly from 8 to 9 pm
where our teacher, Suryawanshi Umesh, was dedicated to teaching them how to read and write.
Pre Primary School: 35 children from the leper colony were attending this school regularly. Classes were held from 9-11am. All 35 children are in need of one dress and one pair of shoes totaling $9USD per child(400 Rupees). A total of $311 USD (14,000 Rupees) Sponsors are needed for this program to continue the education for the youngsters that have been outcast due to one or more family members having leprosy.