Dream Livingstone Zambia

Dream Livingstone Zambia is a registered non-governmental, non-profit making organization and non-denominational organization (registration no. 78627).  This organization was created to help the community become a better place to live, by providing programs that will improve the economic status of the poor community, reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, and empower the community to become self reliant and sustainable. Their main targets in the community are the towns and villages of Maramba, Malota, Libuyu, Linda, Nakatindi, Ngwenya, etc. Dream Livingstone has chosen these destinations, due to the area being a high transit city. Many passerby’s include truckers, ultimately leading to an increase in the spread of HIV/AIDS due to unprotected sex, which makes Livingstone the highest place of infection with this virus.

Dream Livingstone connects people/volunteers to organizations of their choice. They offer food/ accommodation to volunteers for a fee to come live in Zambia, Africa, and interact with the orphans, children’s school, elderly homes, community projects, and more.

Love Thy Neighbor International has teamed up with Dream Livingstone and is working close with some of their projects such as AGABF Trust School and Family Hope Foundation (HIV/AIDS women’s group).

People looking to volunteer here can contact Love Thy Neighbor International or find out more about Dream Livingstone through their website dreamlivingstonezambia