Jaisalmer Desert School

This elementary school, Gurukul Vidhya Mandir Sikshan Sansthan, is known as a desert school and is located in the state of Rajasthan, India, in a town called Jaisalmer. Prior to our arrival, the children were crammed into the classrooms with no carpet and their only seats were on the dirt floor.  Some classrooms had no electricity, so the teachers had no other choice but to end class early.  None of the classrooms had working ceiling fans, proper learning materials, ventilation, or adequate storage.  As you can imagine, mid-day heat in the desert can reach well over 100° F.  In order to help promote a conducive learning environment, we did the following:

• Hired an electrician to install electricity into 2 classrooms
• Purchased and installed 3 other ceiling fans
• Fixed 5 different, existing ceiling fans that had broken and were no longer operational
• Purchased and placed 15 large area rugs/carpets on the floors of each and every classroom
• Provided additional pencils, pens, and stationary for all of the students
While we accomplished quite a bit at the school relative to our limited funding, there is still much that could be done to provide these children with the opportunity to better their education.  If you are interested in making a donation to this school and/or similar projects, please click on the donate link on our webpage.  Even the smallest donations can help make a major difference in the simple lives of the Indian children.
For more information about Gurukul Vidhya Mandir Sikshan Sansthan, please visit their website at http://www.gvmss.org