Jaisalmer Hospital

During our backpacking adventure in India we had to spend some time in the hospital due to a stomach parasite a fellow traveler picked up on our Camel Safari in the desert of Jaisalmer.  While in the hospital we happened to cross paths with a beautiful soul. This desert woman spoke no English, but her smile spoke volumes. Every time we’d pass her in the hallways we were greeted with a glowing smile. One night, with only a minimal amount of food in her possession, she offered some to us. It touched our hearts in an extremely profound way. It just showed that she was willing to share with complete strangers to help one in need.

We started asking around and found out the reason why she was in the hospital. Her son had been doing some electrical work in their desert village and was electrocuted. This injury caused severe burns to both his hands and feet. We would pass in the hallways and see the mysterious woman, who was always kind to us, hand feeding her 20 or so year old son. His injuries were so bad he couldn’t feed himself.
We tried to be anonymous and go to the checkout counter at the hospital, to pay it forward and pay this family’s bill. In India, nothing is easily kept a secret. We were able to take care of their bill, however, it was not in secrecy. The accountant decided to share the news with them. Shortly thereafter, the woman can to our room with the most memorable and grateful smile. She hugged us and thanked us over and over. There was a gentleman in the room that happened to speak a little English so he explained a bit of what she was saying. Apparently her son had been in the hospital for the past 10days and since this family couldn’t afford to pay the bill, their entire village gathered what little money they had to help them out in hopes of paying a portion of the bill. We were so grateful to be able to bless them and help them concentrate on their son getting better instead of stressing how they would pay for the bill.

Thank you to all our donors, who made treasured encounters like this possible. Feel free to look at the pictures of this wonderful blessing.