An association for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Lebenshilfe, located in Visakhapatnam, India was founded in 1980, by Mrs. Saraswathi Devi Tallapragada (Sarah). This institution was inaugurated by Tom Mutters with 12 mentally challenged children as a private, voluntary and non-profitable organization. It is presently involved in imparting training to 415 mentally challenged people of all kinds with different ages(age range 2-50 years) hailing from poorer sections of the society. There are one hundred and fourteen dedicated staff members.

Main objective:

To enrich the lives of people with Intellectual Disabilities in order to enhance human dignity, human respect, human values, quality of life and possibilities creation for independent living through income generation.


  • Promotion of mentally handicapped welfare, vocational skills acquisition, mainstreaming and job placements.
  • Empowering the parents , educating the families and equipping the staff with knowledge update.
  • Undertaking research projects and partnerships with international organizations.
  • Inviting individual donors for child adoption and international students for internships on learning and sharing basis.
  • Construction of Davinci Homes for independent living of people with Intellect al Disabilities.
  • Help them attain a life with Marital Status and lead a life with happiness.

More information can be found at :  http://www.lebenshilfeindia.org