AFSCO is a Community Based Initiative that started back in 2007 with the plight of transforming disadvantaged livelihoods in eastern Uganda to an easier way of life. Their mission is to increase enrollment of orphans and other vulnerable children in schools as well as promoting sustainable education and living in a literate community. They are situated in Nakanyonyi, Bugembe Town Council, Jinja district, which lies 80kms East of Kampala city, Uganda’s capital.

While backpacking in Uganda, Athena sought out to find organizations that needed help. She spent some time with this concept, really enjoying herself and the community that was being reached. Our motto is to not just give, but to teach a way of sustainable living. Love Thy Neighbor International not only provided clothing, books, school material, personal hygiene products, building materials etc., they also purchased three goats and a few chickens to help draw the organization’s income in the future. This permitted chickens to rapidly multiply in order be eaten, sold, and/or produce eggs for the children. The goats will be raised, continue to be multiplied, and eventually sold to help with the organizations needs.

After Athena was spotted in the village, word spread quickly. Unfortunately, some men came by late one night to try and steal the goats with no success. After hearing about this the following day, Athena went with them and purchased building/roofing material so this would not happen again. A small mud and wooden building was quickly built so the goats could be locked up and housed there at night.

More information about this organization can be found on their website: