Omushana, Sunshine for Children, aims to enhance the lives of children in the villages around mountain gorilla reserves in South-west Uganda.

The essence of Omushana is to make a positive contribution to children’s lives by improving their educational opportunities, welfare, confidence and enjoyment. They achieve this primarily by providing and delivering equipment and grants to schools/children’s groups in the Mgahinga and Bwindi areas of Uganda.

While backpacking throughout Eastern Africa, Athena visited an after school program affiliated with this organization. There, she watched the children dance and put on a musical performance. Afterwards, they displayed their artwork in hopes of selling it to make extra money for their needs. It was a cute way of showing them money can be made at any age. One must work for their money and not rely on begging in the streets. Athena decided to encourage this concept by purchasing a drawing/painting from each of the 50+ children. Some of the sketches were stick figures and scribbles, but it was a good lesson to be learned. In combination to the art work purchased, two young adults were sponsored with furthering their education.

More information about this organization can be found on their website: