About Us

Love Thy Neighbor International, Inc., formerly known as Love Thy Neighbor India, was originally founded by Athena Christoforakis in September 2010, while backpacking throughout India. A year later, we expanded our umbrella to aid the impoverished beyond the borders of India and commence our vision and mission internationally.

Our efforts were started in September 2010 when we launched our first project in Latur, India. Within the year we were able to provide all the people affected with leprosy in the Mahatma Gandhi leprosy colony the much needed MDT treatment, in order to kill the bacteria that caused this disease, making them no longer contagious.
We were also able to care for and house 42 children which we called The Maureen Children’s Home. We provided first and foremost love, followed by accommodation, bedding, food, clothing, and schooling material.

Again in 2011-2012, Love Thy Neighbor International returned to India with a vision to help other charities as well. Athena backpacked throughout India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, traveling from July 2011-February 2012, stopping in on many organizations to volunteer along the way. During these times she chose the ones which were well organized, and needed some extra help to further progress their beautiful vision. She has continued her support from America to some of these charities, since returning from her adventure.

In 2013, Athena once again put on her backpack and headed off into the unknown. Beautiful visions of helping many people while traveling around world, ran through her head. When her travels began, she always knew the first country she would go to, but shortly afterwards the wandering started to take place in her mind, never knowing where she would exactly wind up next or how she would get there. This time, to her pleasant surprise, she wound up in Eastern Africa. We all understand the poverty here continues to be plentiful, but it’s important to find the right organizations to bless. At times, it is a difficult challenge to find true and honest places; those that empathize and do it for the love of building each other up, whereas others try to make money off of these individuals.

By word of mouth and talking to other traveler’s while in Ethiopia and Kenya, Athena decided to venture to Uganda. Many people had mentioned names of places they had previously volunteered for, speaking highly of them, but Athena continued moving by way of local buses and hitchhiking. While in Uganda, she was able to volunteer and help out with several organizations throughout this country. Many touched her heart, and Love Thy Neighbor International was able to sponsor some.

After leaving Africa, Athena decided to visit Jordan and came across a refugee camp that left a lasting impression in her heart. She had the opportunity to go and volunteer her English skills inside the Gaza Refugee Camp. Some camps must be approved in advance for special day passes etc. to enter. If they granted you access, you were under very strict guidelines. This organization held English classes to the Palestinian people in order to help both children and adults. It was also a chance and distraction for the Palestinian people to get away form the poverty and lifestyle they were being forced to live. Here, they would forget about their worries, if only for a short time, to converse and laugh or color with others.

Our purpose is to give the HOPE of life to all, concentrating on the poor, neglected, and abandoned children. Our programs we are sponsoring are dedicated to training men and women to become self supporting, providing love and care to poverty stricken and orphaned children, aiding them with healthy food, education, clothing, and health care. By doing this we aspire to see the poor families earning and not begging on the streets. It is our ambition to bring forth a good education to this country, raising the literacy rate in the slum areas. Accomplishing this vision will raise the living standards and make them a part of an educated community, both in the slums, villages, towns and cities.

Throughout our website, you can find many pictures and stories of the different organizations (along with their websites) that Love Thy Neighbor International chose to BLESS. Enjoy the journey picture by picture. Thank you again for your generous donations, as none of this would be possible without you. We are a TEAM and are GRATEFUL and filled with GRATITUDE!

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR – INDIA now known as Love Thy Neighbor International, Inc., was inspired by its Sister Organization THE MAUREEN A. ABBOTT LOVE THY NEIGHBOR FUND, INC.-Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA (Established in 1991).

In 1991, Arnold P. Abbott created Love Thy Neighbor Fund, Inc. (LTN) as a loving, living tribute to his beloved late wife Maureen, to continue, on a larger scale, the work they had done together. Its purpose has always been to recycle and preserve the integrity of our most precious natural resource: human beings — Broward County’s more than 10,000 homeless men, women, and children — helping them to help themselves.

Love Thy Neighbor Fund, Inc. is an interfaith organization of volunteers who are at the forefront of helping the homeless in Broward County, Florida.
The Maureen A. Abbott Love Thy Neighbor Fund and Love Thy Neighbor India are actually based on two very simple concepts. We believe that “We are our brother’s keeper” and we should “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” We are a conglomerate of people of all religions, beliefs, color, and size working together with a common goal – caring for our less fortunate brothers and sisters as best we can. We have no boundaries! We are all part of one family, the human family.