Village of Hope

Village of Hope: the mission of this orphanage is to rehabilitate the children, educate them in numerous ways, and instill a positive future for the adolescents when they grow up.

The orphanage, which is located in Livingstone, Zambia, was created by Calvary Church, after an increasing number of destitute children from the streets would pass through the church to ask for food and water. Most of the children are orphans and no longer have anyone to take care of them, since their family members passed away. As the church continued helping these children, the leadership eventually registered the orphanage and enrolled 12 street kids and one infant. The children range in ages between 1 to 17 years old. A house was then built at the church for the orphans and a couple was employed to care for the children. The orphanage sustains the children through offerings at church and donations from well-wishers who support the children by providing meals, beddings, clothing and school requirements.

Love Thy neighbor International stepped in and donated a brand new deep freezer/refrigerator so the house-mother can now store food and buy in bulk to save money.