Ride 4 A Woman

Ride 4 A Woman was formed in 2009 by Habasa Evelyne and her husband Rubalema Denis. It is located in Bwindi’s Impenetrable Forest, in the south west of Uganda, which is home to the endangered mountain gorilla’s. It consists of a large community of locals who inhabits the edge of the national park in a village called Buhoma. Ride 4 A Woman strives to empower many local women by providing them with training in local crafts, textiles, bicycle repair, and English instruction.

The program originally started by renting bicycles to tourists with the hope of generating money to start a job-training program for the women. As time went on, there became a need for bike maintenance, so Evelyne and Denis started training local women to do these specific repairs. The program expanded beyond bicycle renting and mechanics when a group of Australian tourists met Evelyne and offered to help her start a sewing program. This eventually led to the need of a community building for programs to take place. In 2012, the building was completed, and is now called the Bwindi Women’s Community Centre. This allowed women to sew and make clothing so it can be sold in tourist shops to help cover expenses as well as give them some extra spending money.

More information about this organization can be found on their website: www.ride4awoman.org