The mission focus of Y.E.S., Youth Encouragement Services, Uganda is to provide young orphans with opportunities and support to become self reliant, by eventually being able to give back to their society in one way or another. They believe all children have equal worth and equal rights. They strive to give hundreds of children the chance to become a healthy, educated and empowered individual. Many projects are created and run through this organization such as the Manna Rescue Home (a home with children living and learning how to deal with HIV/Aids that they have), agricultural sites where vegetation is grown and sold in town to help cover costs at the Manna Rescue Home, the handling of school fees and special needs of hundreds of children, owning and operating a hostel/guesthouse to help offset finances in support of these projects they have, and much more.

Athena heard about this organization through other travelers while in Kenya. Soon after, she headed off to Uganda by way of bus and hitchhiking in hopes of finding out more about this amazing organization. Upon arrival to this guesthouse, she met the founder, a 76 year old American lady named Carol, who had been living in Uganda and doing this since 1996. Athena, soon after, spent time at the Manna Rescue Home, visiting and playing with the children. Love Thy Neighbor International decided to donate money to this Rescue Home by purchasing two 5,000 gallon water tanks, a solar powered filtering fan system that was placed in a rivers stream attached to long cable cords. Here, the fan naturally propelled itself and would spin due to the strong current of the water. Hoses were attached to two of the units which ran a couple hundred meters up the mountainside and were placed in areas of their growing vegetation fields. Due to this creative devise that was invented by a man in Colorado, the water was not only stored in the two 5,000 gallons tanks, but also was able to water the vegetation during their dry season so their crops could grow year round instead of just the rainy season. Year round vegetation meant more money during the entire season instead of only part of the season. This was an extremely important factor, because the profit made from the sales of the vegetation was used to pay for bills, medical expenses, and other much needed necessities at The Manna Rescue Home.

More information about this organization can be found on their website: www.caroladamsministry.com