Family Hope Foundation

Family Hope Foundation’s Women’s Project began in 2008 as a result of HIV/AIDS positive mothers failing to feed their children for fear that infants would contract the virus during breast-feeding. The objective for this group is to help stop the transmission of this virus being passed down from mother to infant. Ultimately, this means no more breast-feeding when a child starts teething. If mothers’ can produce a small income, they will be able to feed their children via proper nutrition, instead of passing HIV/AIDS to them (when the baby accidentally bites the nipple causing an abrasion). Most women from the Libuyu extension compound in Zambia, Africa, have the HIV/AIDS virus and are not capable of working. This makes it very challenging to support their families. The group consists of 24 women who are HIV positive, 20 infants, and more than 60 children. Among the infants, 17 are HIV negative and the other remaining 3 are positive. Currently the families have been surviving off projects such as cooking lessons, health tips on how to keep families properly nourished, and a chicken coup where they sell both chickens and eggs.

Love thy Neighbor International has stepped in to help this population learn some more ways of self-sustainable living. A peanut butter machine, 500 jars and labels, and 100+lbs of peanuts were purchased. This was/is a great step towards producing peanut butter (with proper containers and labels). The peanut butter is already being sold in many villages and has proven to be successful thus far. We also purchased crotchet needles, yarn, and other materials so the women can start making floor rugs, handbags, wallets/change purses, and jewelry. Two tables, multiple chairs, two banners, and two donation boxes where purchased as well. We made sure that correct permission was granted by the town, in order for these women to sell their merchandise in two of the most popular tourist locations. Each table is set up with their very own personalized banner, explaining the mission of this women’s group and a donation box. Here, they will sell their handmade items to the many tourists that pass by each day. Spreading awareness and education is a great way to start making changes.